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At Lithodomos, we are committed to producing the world’s finest cultural heritage digital experiences.

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We provide the full solutions: content, software and service, ensuring you are not standing still, but moving forward with ever advancing changes in technology.

Lithodomos has vast coverage.

The most visited and taught places in the world can now be explored. 18 Countries, 74 Sites and 480 Viewpoints are ready and waiting.


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Lithodomos allows users to engage with, and be immersed in, the places in the world that shape our learning and are central to our travel experiences.

"In less than a year, our VR tour has become one of our most popular offerings."

Nikos Sarafidis, Scooterise

"Our Museum’s virtual reality exhibit gives the visitor a unique opportunity to be transported to another place, and to change the perception of things like time and space. Lithodomos VR has been quintessential to this mission. Our visitors have loved using Lithodomos VR to relive moments and places in history, and to use these reconstructions of these ancient sites as a way to imagine themselves in the past."

Nadia Hamid, Living Computers: Museum + Labs

"Lithodomos VR's innovative work with VR technology is the future of education."

Professor Angela Ndalianis, University of Melbourne

"Lithodomos VR have been great collaborators in our research. The app of the Paphos theatre 3D model has enhanced our impact reach and has been of enormous benefit in both public outreach activities and scholarly presentation of our archaeological investigations."

Craig Barker, Director Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project

"Using Lithodomos VR’s self-guided app on-site was an amazing experience and one I would recommend to anyone. Seeing the VR reconstruction overlaid on top of the modern day ruins is unforgettable."

Al Rose

Bring the past into the future with Lithodomos VR

Whether you are looking to improve your tours, increase the engagement of your students, or have your museum’s visitors coming back for more, our virtual reality content will invigorate your organisation like nothing else.