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Content that is matched to curriculum for learning outcomes.

We understand educational requirements and that is why we use scientific research to produce accurate, life like, reconstructions.

We have an enormous, growing, library of high quality, immersive, content that can be used with almost any existing device. We provide incredible learning experiences for every budget.

Students experience better recall of information and learning outcomes with immersive education.

You will find our learning experiences in schools, universities, museums, Government institutions and tourism operators in over 15 countries.


Melbourne University

“Lithodomos VR's innovative work with VR technology is the future of education.” - Professor Angela Ndalianis

In 2017, Lithodomos VR ran a seminar as part of the Practical Archaeology Summer Intensive School at the University of Melbourne. Using cardboard viewing devices in combination with their personal mobile phones, the students were able to explore numerous ancient sites in virtual reality, including ancient Jerusalem. The University of Melbourne stated that the sessions were a resounding success and has already discussed implementing more sessions with Lithodomos VR in future years.