Don't Wonder, Witness

Remarkable experiences that are simple for you and your customers to use

Lithodomos focuses on creating superior, immersive, experiences that give users an incredible sense of wonder of being transported to another place; another world, a bygone era, now lost, from another time.

Your collection will be of beautifully crafted, curated, archaeologically correct and academically accurate reconstructions of major cities and sites.

We’ve redefined historical interest so that, not only can you see, but we’ve created the technology to allow you to step inside and immerse yourself in these Bygone Worlds.

It is staggering, that after traveling such vast distances, visitors are still constantly having to exclaim: “I wonder what it used to be like”.

Don’t wonder what the world was. Witness it.


Scooterise – Athens, Greece

“In less than a year, our VR tour has become one of our most popular offerings.”

In May 2017, Scooterise and Lithodomos VR joined forces to provide customers with VR tours of the Athenian Acropolis. After selecting their favourite viewpoints Scooterise’s VR tours were up and running within two weeks. Word spread quickly about Scooterise’s new VR tour, and today it has become one of their most popular offerings.