The Lithodomos Tablet Stand offers a light, interactive experience allowing people to delve deeper into an existing display to discover more. The Tablet Stand is also ‘social’. As it is generally experienced by more than 1 person, the Tablet Stand facilitates discussion and interaction amongst small groups.


Video, text, audio, interviews, reconstructed 360° viewpoints, images, maps.


1-5 visitors at a time. Great for families, school groups and friends.

use case

Best used in a semi-curated environment when the visitor walks through multiple, yet distinct, areas in a multi-faceted facility where objects, artefacts or art are the features of the exhibition. The ‘timed’ nature of a Tablet Stand experience ensures visitor traffic continues to progress at a desired rate.  Examples include: Museums, Archaeological Sites and Art Galleries.

device and logistics

A tablet device is selected to suit requirements. The stand is selected to suit the environment. Once installed, the tablet device is fixed in a contemporary style stand, which is affixed to the floor. Power is needed as it access to WiFi or a mobile network. Staff training, trouble-shooting, positioning and marketing assistance is provided to ensure the desired visitor experience is achieved.