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You can now simply download the app, download your self guided tour PDF, and experience Athens and Pula at your fingertips. You can do an on-site or off-site experience, it can be long or short, in any language and we have many other incredible features you can incorporate.

The tour of experience brings the best of modern and ancient Athens and Pula to life. There is no need to enter any archaeological park during this  tour. The average time to walk this distance without stopping is 50 minutes.


Details of the Athens Tour

We start at Monastiraki Metro Station. This is a popular spot. We start our tour and makes our way west down Ermou street, turns south until the we stop near the ticketed entrance to the agora. The Giants should be visible.

This is the exciting first VR stop. Look at the stoa of Attalos and the giants and check out the viewpoint Before the Odeion of Agrippa. You can then see the Middle Stoa, and enter the Odeion with The Odeion Vestibule, Top of the Stairs and On the Stage. Think about public spaces, and the importance of performance in Ancient Greek culture.

You then then continues walking east down Adrianou street, south onto Vrisaklou street, to the corner of Pikilis street. Here, you can visualise the viewpoint Panathenaic Way where you can make the connection between this part of the agora and the Middle Stoa viewpoint.

You continues east down Pikilis street and skirt around the south of the Roman forum. There is a break from VR, as you check out the forum and also the Tower of the Winds. You make your way up the steep Klepsidras street to Theorias street. From here, the north porch of the Erectheum is visible. You are given some background about the building before visualising North of the Erectheum, and the Courtyard of the Erectheum. This is a welcome break after the climb.

You continue west along Theorias street, where the agora becomes visible below. This is a good moment to stop and visualise The Houses was the domestic situation of ancient Athenians.

Stop at the base of the Areopagus Hill to visualise how it looked in antiquity. You then make your way south along the path ways, but half way, stop to see Base of Propylae, Entrance and Courtyard of Chalkotheke. This whets the appetite for the interior of the Parthenon.

Continues southward via the paths to the facade of the Odeion of Herodes Atticus. Look at the remains of the Stoa of Eumenes and the visitors enjoy Stoa of Eumenes and Stoa of Eumenes Entrance. Note, there is no VR reconstruction of the Odeion… it speaks for itself.

The guide then leads the group along Dionysou Areopagitou, but about half way, enjoy the viewpoint West of the Parthenon, as this corresponds to this location. Good chance for  a toilet break and look at the southwestern end of the acropolis. After the break, comes the big reveal: the interior of the Parthenon. Look at Entering the Parthenon, Before the Statue of Athena and the Upper Level of the Parthenon.

Makes its way to Hadrian’s arch continuing along Dionysou Areopagitou, until you cross Andrea Siggrou and make your way to the final collection of viewpoints. At Hadrian’s arch,  inspect Hadrian’s Arch, In front of the Colossus, and Southeast of Olympieion, and Southwest of the Olympieon.

Here concludes the tour.

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