VR Mini Glasses


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Lithodomos’ mini plastic foldable 3D virtual reality glasses are an amazing ‘snap on’ innovation. These are compact and portable and great to experience virtual reality in a fun and affordable way. These slick VR lenses require no assembly, and can be used to view any VR content on smartphones with a gyroscope. They are the perfect compliment to Lithodomos’ App ‘Explore’, to view our incredible content library in VR on your own phone.

The lenses fold up conveniently and will fit in your front pocket or purse. Apart from enjoying Lithodomos’ apps, these lenses also support a huge range of 3D virtual reality games and apps for both Android and iOS. Your phone should have a minimum screen size of 4 inches, maximum screen size of 6 inches, and have a gyroscope (standard on most models of modern mobile phone).

We ship to Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For all orders over 500 units, please email us at info@lithodomosvr.com.