Incredible 360-degree virtual reality headset transports wearers back 2,000 years to ancient Jerusalem

By Phoebe Weston, April 2017. A virtual-reality app is transporting people back to Jerusalem under Roman rule in the first century. The programme includes a 3D virtual tour of the area around Jerusalem’s Western wall where the ancient walls of the city’s Temple Mount can still be seen. Using an app and portable virtual reality (VR) headset, visitors can compare modern-day life with a 360-degree construction of the city during the time of Christ. The programme, ‘Lithodomos VR’ is an android app that was developed by Simon Young, an archaeology doctoral student at the University of Melbourne. Visitors can use the VR headset to transport themselves to the ancient city when it was newly built under Herod I who was king of Judea from 74 BC- 4 BC (read more).