history experienced

Our museum installations follow academic rigour and delight visitors by evoking a sense of wonder

We are experienced archaeologists and visual artists who use technology to digitise heritage collections. We employ 3D modelling, digital animations and other techniques to create immersive experiences through which visitors can engage with collections. By blending technical brilliance with a passion for detailed research, we give museum visitors all over the world the opportunity to walk in the shoes of giants, and to see the world through their eyes.



“It’s rare for a visitor to not want to try the VR!”

Living Computers: Museum + Labs, USA, the Tower of David Museum, Israel and the Islamic Museum of Australia are among our museum clients. Working closely with museum staff, local historians and archaeologists, we ensure that the visitor experiences we curate sparks interest and enthusiasm for all. Lithodomos has been recognised globally for its work in the digital heritage field, and was invited to showcase at UNESCO in Paris in 2018 during the first Digital Heritage Research Lab.