Large Scale Projections

Lithodomos has partnered with large scale and architectural projection specialists to provide spectacles of light, art and history—blending seamless historical accuracy, unprecedented visual quality and mesmerizing light to create unforgettable moments unique in cultural heritage.


Video, Narrative


Up to 400 visitors per viewing, each of which can last from 30 seconds to a few minutes, starting every 10-15 minutes. Perfect for ‘recreating’ architectural history.

use case

Indoors or outdoors and best applied to large majestic buildings, structures, statues, pediments or artefacts that may be incomplete and/or have lost the vibrancy of their original splendour.  Visitors can be taken on a journey of the senses, experiencing objects bathed in spectacular light as sculptural groups are restored to their former glory; first by sketching out missing elements, and then by washing them in the brilliant colours in which they were once painted. The ‘surprise’ nature of the projection ensures an unforgettable experience.  Examples include Museums and Archaeological Sites.

device and logistics

Specialist projection equipment, design, installation and maintenance is required and, of course, the effect is best in dark or very dark conditions. Once installed, projections may occur every 10-15 minutes and last from 30 seconds to a few minutes. Accompanying soundtrack or narrative can also be provided. Installations can be permanent or temporary.