Italy, The Colosseum Piazza

The Colosseum (Amphitheatrum Flavium) is the largest elliptical amphitheatre ever built. Seating up to 73,000 spectators in the heart of Rome, construction was completed in 80 AD. It held public events and gladiatorial matches during the first centuries AD.


Via Nicola Salvi

Corner Of Celio Vibenna

Upper Level

Ground Floor Preserved Seating

Ludus Magnus View From The Portico

Emperor’s Box, Dusk

Marble Seats, Dusk

Upper Level, Dusk

Inside The Ludus Magnus, Dusk

The Stagnum, Dusk

Western Colosseum Piazza

Underground Beasts

Underground Upper Level

Beside The Colossus

South East Colosseum

In The Middle Of The Arena

South Of The Arch Of Constantine

Ludus Magnus Gladiator View

Arch of Constantine

Metro Terrace


Ludus Magnus, Inside

Ludus Magnus, Above

Piazza Colosseum

Arch Of Constantine

Upper Level

Emperor’s Box, Morning

Flavian Amphitheatre

Nero’s Stagnum

Via Del Verbiti

Western Colosseum Piazza

West Entrance To The Colosseum

Beside The Colossus