How To Use Explore

The Explore app is a gateway to experience the Lithodomos content library of historical recreations.

It is made up of two main sections, the "Home Tab" and the "Sites Tab".

The "Home Tab" is a list of curated content from the library that Lithodomos showcases.

Clicking one of these items shows a list of the viewpoints that are individually viewable. The first one is free for everyone.

Each viewpoint has a description of the scene and tags you can click to find similar.

Clicking the first one presents a fullscreen 360-degree panorama that you can experience by moving your device around to see the scene.

When you become a premium user, you are able to navigate from all the viewpoints in the list.

Next and previous buttons as a Premium user will be visible on the button left to navigate through viewpoints:

You can also make use of cardboard VR getting setup with

To use cardboard, click the cardboard icon in the bottom right of the screen, it will show you the VR scene ready to experience cardboard.

The "Sites tab" contains all our content in a list alphabetically ordered.

Clicking any of the items shows you a list of the viewpoints in the same way as the "Home tab" does as Cardboard VR or the 360 Panorama.

Please contact us via for any technical support