How to use QR Codes with explore

  1. You'll receive an email containing a PDF with your access code
  2. Install Explore from the Google or Apple store
  3. You can use your favourite QR Reader application and scan your code or follow the next steps with Explore itself. All iPhones can now detect a QR code from the standard camera
  4. Open the Explore App

5. Press the"Login or Scan Code" button


6. From the PDF file, Enter your code manually with the keyboard or Press the "Scan Code button"


7. Scan the QR Access code with the camera

8. Explore will now log you in as a premium user and the Home tab will now show

All our viewpoints (400+) in the Sites and Home Tabs now accessible without "locks"

Image of Free User Access.....

Image of Premium User Access.....

Contact us on the support if you need some help