Handheld Devices

BYOD "Bring your own device"

Lithodomos apps is white-labelled, branded and styled aesthetically to suit Partners so they can be made available direct to visitors; avoiding the logistics issues with AV Guides. In content and experience however, the app is identical; helping people connect with history, enhancing their experience by offering audio and visual explanations, debates, interviews, images and maps to a level of their choosing, from a 10-second overview to an in-depth expose. The Lithodomos app on a visitor’s device is best as a highly ‘personal’, self-curated experience.


Video, text, audio, interviews, reconstructed 360° viewpoints, images, maps.

device and logistics

Generally a smartphone. Visitors need to download the app prior to arriving with a link contained in a booking confirmation email, for example, or at the ticket office on WiFi. We recommend that the app be included in the ticket price to encourage use. Minimal logistics issues.

use case

Best used when the visitor walks through a larger, multi-faceted facility at their own pace. Examples include: Museums, Archaeological Sites and Art Galleries. 


Single visitor