Greece, The Athenian Acropolis

The Acropolis is the central fortress and sanctuary of Athena, located on top of a natural limestone outcrop. Buildings on the site include the Propylaia, Erechtheum, and most importantly, the Parthenon. Ancient and modern visitors have marvelled at its beauty and grand scale.


The Caryatids Of The Erechtheion

The Athena Promachos

Upper Level Of The Parthenon

Beside The Statue Of Athena

Before The Statue Of Athena

Entering The Parthenon

Base Of The Propylaea

Areopagus Hill

Stoa Of Eumenes Centre

Stoa Of Eumenes Entrance

Courtyard Of The Chalkotheke

West Of The Parthenon

North Of The Parthenon

East Of The Parthenon

East Of The Erechtheum

North Of The Erechtheum

Courtyard Of The Erechtheum

The Entrance