History at your fingertips

Lithodomos VR’s mission is to bring the ancient world to life for everyone. Founded in 2016, we are archaeologists, artists, and software developers who work to provide our customers with educational, entertaining, engaging, awe-inspiring virtual reality experiences.

Our content is distributed globally on all major VR platforms including the App Store, Google Play, Oculus, and Viveport. Our clients include tour operators, museums, and educators from all over the world, spanning Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.


Dr. Simon J. Young

Founder, CEO - PhD, MA Archaeology

Simon holds a PhD in classical archaeology and is passionate about the ancient world. He is a renowned global leader in VR archaeology and commercialising digital humanities. Simon is a brilliant story-teller and is focussed on bringing the customer's vision, and the ancient world, to life. 


Massimiliano Pische

Director of Business Development, Italy

With 25 years of experience in the tourism industry, Massimiliano brings his expertise at both a national and international level. He has worked very closely with clients to establish an in-depth understanding of their needs and requirements. With an enthusiastic approach to current and futuristic technology, he is a passionate ambassador for Lithodomos VR and continues to develop the Italian market.


Dan Thomas

Director of Business Development, UK

Based in London, Dan is the primary contact for our portfolio of UK and USA clients and actively grows their businesses in the UK and abroad.  He is passionate for building strong customer relationships and delivering excellent customer value.

Prior to joining Lithodomos VR, Dan held international roles both at CNBC and the Financial Times, where he spent more than ten years building his clients businesses and growing his network of contacts.  At CNBC Dan’s love of technology saw him become the technology sector lead and worked with major blue-chip clients on monetising high quality content across TV, digital and events platforms.

Dan holds an LLB in Law and French.


Ledio Hysi

Director of Business Development, U.S. - M.A. Classics

Ledio’s curiosity about the ancient world extends from ancient economic theory and practice to syncretism of religions in the Hellenistic period. His excavation experience in Turkey revealed how complex and exciting antiquity was and his passion to relay that to others has found a brilliant home at Lithodomos VR.


Dr. Emanuele Casagrande Cicci

Archaeologist - PhD, MA Roman Archaeology; Archaeology of the Roman Provinces

Trained as a Roman Classical archaeologist (Sapienza University of Rome), Emanuele’s research speciality lies in the field of Roman Archaeology and Architecture, Digital Humanities, Laserscanning, Remote Sensing. His focus is on Roman Architecture with particular regard to the ancient building techniques, the topography of the ancient settlements, the structure-from-motion Photogrammetry and the 3D modelling.


Bernardo Iraci

Lead 3D Artist

Bernardo is an experienced, process driven, 3D graphic artist. He has a wealth of experience managing complex production work-flows and large teams. His passion for technology has seen him become a world leader in 3D content techniques and animations.


Anusha Dharmasena

Anusha has been a software engineer for more than 10 years. He has always had a passion for solving challenging problems with modern technologies. He loves being part of our development team for the cutting-edge tech stack that our VR products are built upon, and always thrives to create the best experience for our clients.
Jake - Profile Pic

Jake Osborne

Researcher - Intern

Jake is a passionate ancient history student, particularly enamoured with experimental archaeology and bringing history to life. Jake is currently studying at the University of Melbourne, with a focus on musical and athletic practices across the Hellenistic and Roman periods.


Leon East

Unity Developer
Leon is a passionate unity developer with a history of building interactive VR/AR/Kinect applications. Credited and awarded for development and design roles, Leon loves the creative process and his skill-set provides a unique perspective to creative problems.
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Jessica Ulcoq

Unity Developer & Design Support

Jessica is an all rounder. She has a passion for development and design. Jessica takes pride in building interactive VR/AR/Kinetic applications and overseeing all Lithodomos design work.