360° Cinematic Experience

Lithodomos has partnered with 360° cinema specialists to offer spectacular, multi-sensory  cinematic experiences, blending seamless historical accuracy, unprecedented visual quality and mesmerizing light to create incredible memories in cultural heritage. Offering a journey through Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece or the greatest spectacles of the Colosseum, visitors enjoy a relaxing 45-minute sojourn with friends, colleagues or family.  


Video, text, audio, narrative.


Up to 50 visitors per viewing, each of which can last 45 minutes. Perfect for ‘recreating’ architectural history with corporate events, school groups, families and friends.

use case

Best applied to temporary exhibitions or events as a standalone experience or as a complement to broader environments in museums or archaeological sites. Visitors can be taken on a thematic journey through history in a gentle, lean-back experience, potentially with drinks and canapés. Examples include: Exhibitions, Corporate Events, Museums and Archaeological Sites

device and logistics

Specialist 360° cinema and projection equipment, design, installation and maintenance is required. Once installed, exhibitions generally remain for 3-6 months with each show lasting 45 minutes. Accompanying soundtrack or narrative is included.